Credo – What I believe in my Profession

No more burning money in insufficient projects !

  • I’m concerned that still in almost 50% of projects millions are spent too much and business objectives are not met because they are managed poorly and/or structures are lacking to support adequate project management – there is no need for that !
  • I’m convinced that good project management costs just a fraction of what is burned ongoing in badly led projects – resources, money, motivation and creativity.
  • Leuchtturm & HimmelI have experienced that in project management there are, just like with craftsmen, multiple grades of knowledge and capability, from trainee (Junior PM) over adept (PM) up to master (Senior PM) and distinguished expert (PgM) – for each level of work it needs adequate level of skills, and also in this case cheap is very rarely favorable.
  • I know by experience that good project management can’t be done on the fly, and that it is significantly preferable to have a non-specialist but experienced project manager than a specialist without sufficient PM knowhow – in all industries and for all kinds of projects.

To be able to do things efficiently helps to achieve the single project’s business case in the short run (ROI).

To learn and to improve processes permanently, helps to increase value in the long run (competitive advantage, reliable project calculation, Shareholder Value, etc).