Your projects should be completed in time and on budget? Of course ! And without cuts in scope or quality ! How many of your projects succeed in doing so? Does your Project Management suceed to do so?

Beratungsportfolio_EN - Project ManagementHow much performance and what value are you getting per invested Euro/Pound/Dollar in your projects? How often do you finish (too) late, with unplanned overtime hours and expensive re-work? How good is your Time-to-Market or your contribution to the strategic goals of your company? What do efficiency and effectiveness of your project suffer from – and so does the business case? Or do you easily become a plaything for your consultants and suppliers because your project’s topic is not your core competency?

How good it would be for you to have an expert like me, who – with profound methodology and professional experience – discovers and targetedly addresses the actual issues, keeps an eye on the correct execution of the projects and intervenes with corrective actions, if there are flaws in tools or delivery or if something is heading into the wrong direction.

Make use of my outstanding experience and expertise !

How I help You:

With my expertise there are a lot of interfaces and services by which I can provide you better project and thus business results. This applies to situations where you have an urgent problem as well as in times when actually everything is working quite well - there is always room for improvement !

If Your Project is in Distress...

  • Project Health Check as First Aid
  • Project Revision and Expert Assessment as status determination and basis for problem resolution
  • Project Recovery
    • Coaching of the Project Lead
    • Taking operative project management responsibility

And if not...

  • Set-up and management of complex and success-critical projects
    • Coaching of the Project Lead
    • Taking operative project management responsibility
  • Management Consulting for Project Management Excellence in projects and the corporate organization
    • Project Health Checks and Benchmarking of the project management
    • Early Warning System implementation
    • Operational Excellence implementation in projects
    • Corporate Organizational Transformation for Project Management Excellence
Your effort will stay within reasonable limits, but in any case far below the cost you face if you'd do nothing:
  • Project Health Check 1 day/project
  • Project Revision and Expert Assessment ca. 10 – 30 days
  • Project Recovery, Management and Consulting time & materials, part- or full-time
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