Troubled Project Recovery

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Project Recovery: When projects are stuck in tangled or critical situations, the cause is often found in basic craftsmanship, flaws in project management, regularly combined with some kind of operational blind-spot (blindness through routine). Sometimes “regular” project management hits its boundaries, and it needs an “extended” know how from programe management. Or organisational environment or context hinder or even prevent project success. In most cases it’s an unfortunate melange of multiple factors which I meet in nearly all troubled projects, independent from industry or project subject. The current project manager is no longer capable of solving the issues; otherwise he would have done so. That is why help from the outside is needed.

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My “Troubled Project Management” assesses the project with a thorough audit and establishes which prerequisites are necessary to still achieve which project goals. Based on these decisions priorities can be set, work can be re-planned and contracts can be re-negotiated. Thus it is an important contribution to safeguarding investments before more good money is sunk in or they are written off entirely !

When options for corrective action are clear and a decision is made, it is important to have an expert on board as a helmsman or pilot until the project is back on a safe course and can the own captain can reassume command. This is a role I’m happy to fill out as a coach or even in operational resposibility.

Come to your project’s, your team’s, and your ROI’s aid with a professional Project Recovery. I am happy to be your life vest !

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