Prevention: effectively avoid distressed Projects

Why should you invest in Crisis Prevention?

In many companies multiple projects continuously run in parallel to daily business, e.g. because they frequently need to adapt to new requirements. Or the business is even done in customer projects.

Project management know-how and a supporting organizational environment therefore become prerequisites for continuously efficient project work, prevention of project cost and schedule overruns, and exploitation of synergies. In lots of my project expert assessments and recoveries I experience that the problems are partly to find and solve in the projects, but the root cause is often an insufficient interplay of projects and performing organization.

So if you would like to sustainably make sure your projects and your project organization achieve reliably good results I can help you with my expertise, actually at operative, tactical as well as at organizational, strategic level, by a specific Organizational Transformation for sustainable Project Excellence:

Strengthen your functional structure with a project supporting organization

Operatively it makes sense to internally build up know-how as well as a project supporting infrastructure.Some examples:

  • By training your employees in project management methodology accoReport - Crisis Prevention by project management excellence in projects and on corporate levelrding to acknowledged project management methods (PMI, IPMA, Prince2) and even preparing them for a certification;
  • With process and form templates and tools, with a standardization of your project management practices for reproducable results;
  • With the development and implementation of an organizational unit that either supports project managers with their routine tasks (Project Office or “PO”), or actively takes over administrative tasks, e.g. maintain and further develop the PM system vertically and horizontally or even with building up a pool of project management specialists (Project Management Office or “PMO”).

This way you’ll very fast gain process quality in project management, thus reliable achievement of plans and targets, better project results, lower project cost and therefore higher margins or ROIs. And that mostly after a short period of time – Quick Wins!

Transform your company from the project supporting into a project optimized organization

A little more time it takes – even with my help – to strategically align yourcompany to a sustainable Corporate Project Excellence with an optimal interplay of your corporate organization with its projects. Sustainable because you’ll address the root causes of many of your project issues, and strategic because you’ll remove the ostacles which block your road to make your project business grow and become profitable, especially if you have a project-driven business model:

  • chart_up - Crisis Prevention by project management excellence in projects and on corporate levelWith an optimized Resource Management in the functional lines as well as in the projects by a structured Project Portfolio Management oriented at the corporate goals;
  • With a strategic Organizational Transformation to support the project business, to set priorities right following corporate instead of local optimization of results;
  • With a careful but consequent Change Management by which also your project people and functional departments are integrated into the new organizational concept.

This way you are able to decide in multi-project situations in a business benefits oriented way, and you can pursue your strategic objectives much more consequently. Transforming your organization will grant project-driven companies successively better project results and throughput, increasing customer satisfaction and market share as well as more flexibility to quickly adapt to changing requirements in your company’s environment.

Keep the things in your hands, increase effectiveness and efficiency of your organization by aligning it to your project-driven business ! I am ready to guide you.

Learn more about the topic in the additional brochures here. Due to the complexity I like to offer these sevices as a team together with my PM-Professionals network. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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