Operational Project Management

I have 30+ years of extensive operational project management experience in leading positions in national, international and cross-functional IT or business projects and programmes:

  • Project recovery, revision, consulting, advisory and coaching at executive and functional level to improve business objectives’ achievement and resource efficiency in projects
  • Process and organisation development and outcome optimisation in project and service management
  • Analysis, strategic alignment, planning, implementation, optimisation and rationalisation of IT and project based organisations and processes
  • Business IT development /implementation and service organisation (ERP, CRM, SCM, EAI, mobile applications, Webshops, GIS, PPS), Outsourcing, offshore development
  • Organisation, process and IT integration and/or consolidation (e.g. Post Merger, Shared Services, production, logistics etc.)
  • R&D and fulfilment in manufacturing, mechanical and plant engineering
  • Category Management, marketing and product management (R&D)