Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

of Henning Zeumer Projektmanagement

1. Business scope and liability

I conduct consulting services for persons and enterprises. I use my special know how and many years of experience for my customer’s benefit. I do not produce or sell any commercial products. Therefore my consulting services are exclusively are under German “Dienstvertragsrecht” (Service Contract law) as legally regulated in §§611 BGB ff.

Orders will usually be taken on by me under direct mandate. To balance resources and capacities I will also take over mandates on behalf of and on account of third parties, or will commission mandates to adequate consultants within my professional network. I will always be thorough in choice of my partners and services. However I will be liable and accountable only for my own activities, and exclude any liability for third party work, product or services. This is also valid in case of third party invoicing on my account; therefore a mandate will always be directly contracted from the customer to the supplier. This does not affect internal regulations between the supplier and me.

My services are conducted to the best of my knowledge with the most current information and in best conscience of the consultant. I will prepare customer’s decisions thorough, presenting and optionally recommending alternatives. However I will not take over liability for decisions made by the customer.

2. Compensation

I will conduct my consulting services based on a time & materials as negotiated prior to contracting plus legally required the VAT (Value added Tax). Invoicing and payment will be done as contracted and to the terms and conditions agreed upon. If payment is delayed I will charge interests at current market rates.

3. Travel and accommodation

My services will be conducted partially or completely external to my office. For travel from my office to the customer’s locations or other sites of contracted work I will charge fees as follows:

  • Travel time is chargeable working time
  • Rail travel First Class with seat reservation
  • Air travel within Europe Economy Class, other destinations Business Class
  • Car travel 0,50 Euro per kilometer driven
  • Overnight accommodation with breakfast in a good medium class Hotel

If early morning start of work is prohibited by long travel times, travel to the final destination the night before is to be considered.

These terms represent a framework for contracting with me. Individual terms may be tailored to the individual situation; these require mutual written agreement. Should I be contracted for work or services without additional formal written agreement these General Terms and Conditions will be applied, including payment terms of 15 working days from the date of invoice and a compensation depending on assignment starting at  150 Euro (plus VAT) per hour.

Bad Kreuznach, 1. January 2018