No more burning money in insufficient projects !

Learn here how to get troubled projects back on track, effectively correct the causes, sustainably assure return on investment, and achieve desired business benefits.

If Your Project (Management) must not fail

  • Are you in charge of projects – in a project leader or management function?
  • Do you experience a project which does not run as planned, is in a crisis situation or out of control?
  • Is your project risking increased cost, getting out of schedule, or even missing its business goals, ROI or time to market?
  • Or does that even happen in your company again and again?

Stop loosing money or missing your business objectives ! Return to sleeping well, and win back time to care for the things that are essential to you !

I will put your project (management) on track. How? Learn about it on these pages – please continue flipping them through !

How I help You:

With my expertise there are a lot of interfaces and services by which I can provide you better project and thus business results. This applies to situations where you have an urgent problem as well as in times when actually everything is working quite well - there is always room for improvement !

If Your Project is in Distress...

  • Project Helpdesk (free of charge)
  • Project Health Check as First Aid
  • Project Revision and Expert Assessment as status determination and basis for problem resolution
  • Project Recovery
    • Coaching of the Project Lead
    • Taking operative project management responsibility

And if not...

  • Set-up and management of complex and success-critical projects
    • Coaching of the Project Lead
    • Taking operative project management responsibility
  • Management Consulting for Project Management Excellence in projects and the corporate organization
    • Project Health Checks and Benchmarking of the project management
    • Early Warning System implementation
    • Crisis prevention by Operational Excellence in projects
    • Corporate Organizational Transformation for Project Management Excellence
Your effort will stay within reasonable limits, but in any case far below the cost you face if you'd do nothing:
  • Project Health Check 1 day/project
  • Project Revision and Expert Assessment complexity based time & materials ca. 10 – 30 days
  • Project Recovery, Management and Consulting value (for your company) based, part- or full-time
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